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When you are on holiday in the Zillertal area, taking a mountain hike is one of the activities that you do not want to miss. Reserving a professional mountain guide ensures that the hike is well organized and safe, but it also ensures that you can see and experience the most beautiful places in the region. So do you want to conquer a mountaintop or would you rather take a circular walk? Make your wishes known at and together plan the walk that matches your wishes and abilities. You can already book from 1 person.

We are certified

All hikes we organize are led by a certified (Dutch, German, English speaking) mountain guide.

Zillertal Bergwanderfuhrer

Snowshoe and winter walks

In the winter season we organize snowshoe and winter walks for young and old. The guide ensures at all times that there is a safe situation to be able to take the walk. For example, it is checked in advance what the weather is doing and whether there is no avalanche danger, and options for alternative routes are also mapped out, so that risks can be excluded.

Why hire a walking guide?

A mountain guide has a great responsibility for the people he/she takes with him on a hike. Before planning a walking tour, we first map out which factors we need to take into account. The fitness and experience of the walkers is an important indicator, but the weather, the condition of the mountains and trails and alternative routes are also mapped on the day. A 'bergwanderführer' is someone who knows the area well and knows what to do in case of an emergency. This way you are assured of a safe trip through the mountains!

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