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We change our terms and conditions.
Click below for more information about our terms and conditions and measures regarding the corona virus.

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More information about COVID-19

Dear guest,

Meanwhile, it has been announced by the media that we too will have to fight against the Corona virus, or COVID-19. First of all, we adhere to the guidelines drawn up by the Land Tirol in order to fight the virus as best as possible together and individually. As a guest of, we would like to advise you to consult the Land Tirol website for further information about the measures taken.

Update Conditions 28-09-2020

Booking of our accommodations are subject to the current terms and conditions with the addition that the booking can be canceled free of charge if the borders to Austria due to the Corona virus in the period reserved by the guest be closed. The above conditions are also valid if negative travel advice has been imposed to the booked accommodation or region. (for example with a code Orange)
In the above, the guest has the choice to postpone the holiday period or to reclaim the amount already paid (purchase and / or residual payment).

If you want to reclaim the paid amount, the current travel advice will be checked 2 days before the planned arrival date. If the travel advice is negative, the refund will be initiated.

Free conversion of your holiday in case of travel restrictions / negative travel advice
You can always convert the reservation made to another date (summer or winter) free of charge
With the same booked week, the price will not change compared to the old booked trip. Not changing the price only applies to an accommodation with which we have also concluded a contract in the new desired period. We will leave you this information at the time of conversion.

Down payment 20% of the total amount to be paid within 3 weeks after reservation
Remaining amount to be paid at least 2 weeks before arrival

After receiving the total payment, we will send you the check-in voucher and additional information

Last update 16-04-2021

General conditions for gastronomy & accommodation:

From May 19, no quarantine obligation for guests arriving from abroad (exception high-risk countries)

* Access with criteria “green pass” inside and outside (status “recovered”, “vaccinated” or “tested negative” is equated); Self-tests will become permissible
* Control of these "access authorizations" by the host
* Mandatory guest registration - please coordinate with the regionally responsible tourism associations that already entered into cooperation with system providers in autumn 2020
* Curfew at 10 p.m. - also applies to gastronomic areas in hotels (e.g. bar)
* General FFP2 mask requirement except at the administration area for guests
* Indoor: Max. 4 adults (also from several households) + associated underage children per table
* Outdoor: Max. 10 adults per table
* Distance to the next group of visitors at least 2 meters (not the table distance is relevant, but the distance between the middle of the human body and the middle of the human body); Undershooting permitted with mechanical protective devices (e.g. plexiglass walls)
* Wellness areas may be open (max. 1 person on 20m²)

Update 16-02-2021

Tourist travel in Austria is not possible again until Easter at the earliest. Until then, hotels and restaurants will remain closed.
Austria is doing everything in its power to further reduce the number of infections and we hope to see you again soon on a holiday in Austria!

Update 22-12-2020

The key points for the lockdown from December 26, 2020

Customer areas:
Entering the customer area of ​​retail establishments and service companies for the purpose of purchasing goods or using services that are close to the body (especially hairdressers, beauticians, piercing, tattooing, etc.) is prohibited until January 18, 2021.

All other services are basically allowed (analogous to Lockdown # 2).

Deliveries are permitted. It is still possible to collect food. In addition, "Click & Collect" is allowed in stores from December 26th.

In particular:
Pharmacies, grocery stores, drugstores and drugstores, sale of medical products and sanitary items, medical aids and aids, health and care services, services for people with disabilities, sale of animal feed, petrol stations, banks, tobacconists, car workshops, etc.

Cable cars and ski lifts:
According to Governor Günther Platter, cable cars and cogwheel railways (ski lifts) are allowed to open on December 24th in compliance with the requirements (especially FFP-2 mask).

Sports facilities:
Outdoor sports facilities will remain open (e.g. cross-country ski trails and ice rinks).

Leisure facilities:
Entering recreational facilities (such as theaters, dance schools, cinemas, etc.) will continue to be prohibited - probably until January 18, 2021.

Gastronomy and accommodation:
Gastronomy and accommodation must remain closed until January 18th. (under certain conditions, keyword "free testing").

Events also remain prohibited. The exceptions have essentially remained the same.

From January 18, 2021, the following restrictions apply: 500 people indoors, 750 people outdoors. Only 50 percent of the capacity of the places may be occupied.

All school levels go to distance learning from 7th to 17th January. From January 18th, classes will take place on site again.

General openings from January 18, 2021 (under strict conditions, especially negative corona tests) planned.

There may still be changes before the relevant ordinance is published by the Federal Government.

Update 04-12-2020

The federal government announced today that it would ease the lockdown from Monday 7 December 2020. Here are the cornerstones of the new regulation - as soon as we know the details, we will inform you immediately.

retail trade

The trade has opened again. It is mandatory to wear mouth and nose protection. There is a limit of 10 m² per customer for customer areas. In shopping centers, only those of shops are counted as areas.


All services, including those close to the body, are open. It is mandatory to wear mouth and nose protection. There is a limit of 10 m² per customer for customer areas. In the case of body-hugging services, no food or drinks may be given to customers.


Catering establishments are closed. Pick-up is possible between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Delivery services are still allowed without time restrictions. From January 7th the catering can reopen with restrictions depending on the infection rate.

Bars and nightspots remain closed. Christmas markets are also not permitted.

Hotels and lodging establishments

Are closed. There are exceptions e.g. for business trips that cannot be postponed. From January 7th, accommodation providers can reopen with restrictions depending on the infection rate.

Culture & Events

Events are prohibited (including, for example, cultural events, sporting events, wedding celebrations, birthday parties and Christmas markets). Exceptions are rehearsals and artistic performances without an audience, which are carried out for professional purposes.

From January 7th, cultural institutions and cinemas can reopen with restrictions depending on the infection rate.

Leisure businesses

Entering leisure facilities such as fitness studios, indoor swimming pools, etc. is prohibited. Animal parks can reopen outdoors from December 24th.


From December 7th to January 10th, the risk areas are to be classified on the basis of the 14-day incidence of positive corona cases. All countries with a value higher than 100 are classified as risk areas. People entering from a risk area must be quarantined for 10 days. A PCR test can be carried out after 5 days to end the quarantine if the test result is negative.

Business trips and commuters should be exempt from this rule (further details are not yet known - we will inform you immediately!)

Carpooling and taxis; Cableways

The formation of car pools and the use of taxis is only permitted if only two people are seated per row of seats (including handlebars). Mouth and nose protection must also be worn. There are exceptions for the transport of kindergarten children or for the transport of people with disabilities, if this is necessary due to the number of passengers and when getting on and off. Cable cars, gondolas and ascent aids may not be used for recreational purposes until December 23rd.

From December 24th, cable cars, gondolas and lifts (in closed rooms with a capacity restriction of 50%) can also be used for leisure purposes. MNS is also mandatory in the waiting and boarding areas.

Mass transportation

Exit restrictions

Between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. you are only allowed to leave the house for the following reasons:

Necessary basic needs of daily life
Help / care for other people
Exercise in the fresh air

During the day it is possible to meet with another household per day (up to 6 adults and 6 children).

Public places

Basically: In public places, all persons who do not live in their own household must be kept one meter away. When meeting in closed public spaces, keep a distance of one meter and wear mouth and nose protection. Birthday parties and anniversary celebrations are prohibited.


All contact sports (soccer, etc.) are prohibited, indoor sports facilities are closed to amateur athletes. Outdoor sports facilities (skiing, cross-country ski trails, toboggan runs ...) can open from December 24th.

Elite sport

Top athletes and their coaches may enter sports facilities and practice their sport professionally or take part in international competitions.

Update 16-11-2020

The key points for the lockdown from November 17th, 12 midnight

As expected, the federal government today announced a tightening of the lockdown for the next 20 days. Here is a first summary of the tightening announced today:

Retail and personal services must close

The exception is the coverage of daily needs. Grocery stores, drug stores / pharmacies and banks remain open.

Wholesale for traders (B2B) (e.g. painters, plumbers, electricians, etc.) can remain open.

Body-hugging services such as those of hairdressers, beauticians, beauticians, tattooists or masseurs are prohibited.

Gastronomy / hotels / leisure facilities remain closed

Pick-up is possible from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the catering trade. Delivery services are still allowed without time restrictions.

Exception in the hotel industry: business trips that cannot be postponed.

It is forbidden to enter leisure facilities such as fitness studios, indoor swimming pools, museums, cinemas or zoos.

Events are prohibited

Events are prohibited (including, for example, cultural events, sporting events, wedding celebrations, birthday parties and Christmas markets).

Exceptions are rehearsals and artistic performances without an audience, which are carried out for professional purposes.

Wedding celebrations are also prohibited. The wedding in the registry office is only possible in exceptional cases.

Vocational schools / schools

All schools will be converted to distance learning by December 6th.

In the workplace applies

Lt. The federal government should work from home wherever possible.

At the workplace there must be a distance of one meter between people, unless there are other protective measures (plexiglass walls, etc.).

If it is not possible to keep your distance and there are no other protective measures (partitions, plexiglass, permanent teams, etc.), it is necessary to wear mouth and nose protection.

On the way to work applies

The formation of car pools and the use of taxis is only permitted if only two people are seated per row of seats (including the handlebars). Mouth and nose protection must also be worn.

Cable cars, gondolas and lifts are still not allowed to be used for recreational purposes.

Public transport can be used. Mouth and nose protection must be worn in public transport and at subway stations, bus stops, airports, etc. and a distance of one meter must be kept.

Exit restrictions

Lt. From November 17th, the Federal Government may only leave the house for certain reasons:
necessary basic needs of daily life
help / care for other people
Exercise in the fresh air

In public places, everyone who does not live in their own household must be kept at least one meter away.

When meeting in closed public spaces, keep a distance of one meter and wear mouth and nose protection.

Birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc. are prohibited.

Update 02-11-2020

In the fight against the spread of the corona pandemic in Austria, the federal government announced stricter protective measures on Saturday, October 31st.

These will be presented to the main committee in parliament on November 1, 2020 and should come into force on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 00:00 a.m. Planned expiry: November 30, 2020. Exception: The exit restrictions apply initially up to and including November 12, 2020.

The regulations at a glance

General exit restriction

Between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., leaving (or lingering outside) your own private living area is only permitted for the following reasons:
Averting an immediate danger to life, limb and property,
Looking after people in need of support as well as exercising family rights and fulfilling family obligations,
Covering necessary basic needs of daily life,
professional and training purposes, if necessary,
Participation in judicial or administrative proceedings or official acts, and
Stay outdoors for physical and mental relaxation.
Valid until November 12th, 2020

Regulations for public places

In public places outdoors, a minimum distance of 1 meter must be kept from people who do not belong to your own household
Exception: groups of a maximum of 6 people (plus up to a maximum of 6 children) from a maximum of two different households.
In public places in closed rooms there is an additional mask requirement
Exception: In the case of unreasonable health, whereby the person concerned must then be able to present a medical certificate

Prohibition of face visors

Plastic visors (face shields, half face shields) will no longer be considered an equivalent alternative to MNS masks
Now applies without a transition period and therefore from November 3rd (and not just from November 7th)

“10m² per customer” rule for retail and service companies

Trade and service companies can still be entered
However, 10m² of space must be available per customer (although one customer is possible for shops with a smaller total area
Distance and mask requirements apply to both customers and employees with customer contact

Entry bans for the hospitality industry

Guests are no longer allowed to enter the hospitality industry
There are few exceptions for catering establishments that are not open to the public (e.g. company canteens, in hospitals and health resorts), whereby strict personal limits apply
You can collect your items yourself between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Delivery service remains possible (also outside of these times)

Entry bans for accommodation establishments

Accommodation establishments are no longer allowed to be entered by guests
There are a few exceptions for accommodation establishments whose visit is not for tourist purposes (e.g. for professional reasons, if there is an urgent need for accommodation).

Entry bans for certain leisure facilities

Visitors are no longer allowed to enter leisure facilities

In any case, the companies affected include:

Showman businesses
Amusement and amusement parks
Dance schools
Paintball systems
Betting offices, slot machines, arcades and casinos
Show mines and museum railways
Indoor playgrounds
Theaters and cinemas
Museums and museum railways
Animal parks

Tightening in the sports sector

Hobby athletes are no longer allowed to enter fitness studios and sports facilities
Contact sports are prohibited in other public places (e.g. jogging outdoors is still permitted)
Ski lifts and cable cars are no longer allowed to be used for alpine skiing

Most events are banned

Events (e.g. cinema screenings) are generally prohibited
This prohibition also includes trips with coaches or excursion boats for tourist purposes
There are few exceptions, especially for
professional meetings, if these are absolutely necessary for the continuation of the professional activities,
the private living area, with the exception of places that do not serve to satisfy an immediate need for living (e.g. garages)
Meetings of organs of political parties,
Meetings of statutory bodies of legal persons that cannot be postponed, provided that they cannot be held in digital form,
Meetings of no more than six people, whereby these may only come from two different households, plus their underage children or minors who are subject to supervision, but no more than six minors in total,
Funerals with a maximum of 50 people.

Most of the training facilities are open

Kindergartens, elementary schools and lower grades as well as polytechnic schools and special schools will remain open
High schools, technical colleges and universities are switching to distance learning
Driving schools remain open
Vocational training and further education remain possible, provided that this is necessary

There are additional hygiene requirements in retirement and nursing homes and hospitals

Update 23-10-2020

The federal government has enacted nationwide measures in the fight against the pandemic. These essentially apply from Sunday, October 25 at 00:00. An overview of the regulations and their respective entry into force.

General distance obligation of 1 meter in public places

The distance obligation now applies everywhere again (e.g. also in public places outdoors)
The distance requirement does not apply between groups known to one another up to 6 people plus up to 6 minor children (maximum size: 12 people)

Prohibition of face visors

Plastic visors (face shields, half face shields) will no longer be considered an equivalent alternative to MNS masks in the future
However, there is a transition period. The ban will only come into force on November 7, 2020.

Tightening for events without assigned and marked seats

Outdoor participants limit: 12 people (instead of 100)
Participant limit indoor: 6 people (instead of 10); Adults can be accompanied by a maximum of 6 underage children (maximum size: 12 people)
general mask requirement (also outdoors)

Tightening for events with assigned and marked seats

Outdoor participants limit: 1,500 people (instead of 3,000)
Participation limit indoor: 1,000 people (instead of 1,500)
general mask requirement (also outdoors)
Outdoor events with more than 12 and indoor events with more than 6 people must be reported to the district administrative authority from November 1st (with a prevention concept attached)
The administration of food and beverages is only permitted if
it is water,
the event lasts more than three hours, or
the administration is typically a characteristic part of the event.

Tightening in the catering industry

Outdoor visitor group limit: 12 (new); Adults can be accompanied by a maximum of 6 underage children (maximum size: 18 people)
Indoor visitor group limit: 6 (instead of 10); Adults can be accompanied by a maximum of 6 underage children (maximum size: 12 people)
Mandatory COVID officer and mandatory prevention concept from November 1st, provided the company has more than 50 administration places
After the curfew, alcoholic beverages may not be consumed within 50 meters of the business premises

In future, it will also be compulsory to wear a mask at underground stations, platforms, stops, train stations and airports (also outdoors)

A maximum of 100 people are allowed to attend funerals (instead of the previous 500)

New regulations on old people's homes, nursing homes and homes for the disabled

As before, the federal states have the option of tightening regionally depending on the infection situation.

Update 21-09-2020

There are new corona precautionary regulations from Monday, September 21 at midnight. Why? The government must react now to prevent a second lockdown and further travel warnings for Austria.

We'll give you an overview

Events | A summary:

Events WITHOUT assigned and marked seats:
Indoor max. 10 people
Outdoor max. 100 people
Exceptions are z. B. Church services, funerals or demonstrations, but not weddings or other festivities!

Events WITH assigned and labeled seats:
Indoor max. 1,500 people
Outdoor max. 3,000 people

Subject to the new regulation, the official approvals should remain the same:
from 200 people COVID-19 prevention concept + COVID-19 officer
Indoor from 500 people, outdoor from 750 people, approval from the locally responsible district administrative authority required

Clarification Ministry of Health:
It is an event with assigned and marked seats if the visitors are in principle at the seat during the entire event (e.g. theater event). This cannot be assumed for celebrations (weddings, birthday parties, live concerts while standing), which, conversely, means a person limit of 10 people indoors and 100 people outdoors.

Gastronomy | The most important points:

Mask compulsory also for guests, unless they are sitting at the table
Max. 10 people at one table (including children)
Consumption of food and drinks indoors only at the seat
Bar: only with a seat & not in the immediate vicinity of the issuing point
In the future, curfew (1 a.m.) will also apply to closed events - the curfew cannot be extended

There are no precise guidelines for live music and dancing. We are currently in the non-binding area of ​​interpretation:

Live music:
If it is live music with a "background character", the guests sit at tables or at the bar and consume their food and drinks there (and nobody is standing in the closed rooms) then we do not currently see a problem. But if it is live music that encourages you to sing along, get up, etc., then that is NOT possible. That’s an event that is no longer allowed.

To dance:
Is currently still allowed, but only for people who belong together, i.e. belong to a group of visitors and sit at a table: only with masks and at a distance of one meter from the next dance couple / dancer.
Everything else is not allowed!

MNS compulsory - general - from Monday it is compulsory to wear a face mask throughout Austria in the following areas:

in all stores
Service sector
Health sector
Party relations with authorities
in schools outside the classroom
Gastronomy service staff and guests
at markets and fairs also outdoors

Update 12-09-2020

In the fight against the rising number of Covid 19 infections in Austria, the federal government announced today - completely independent of the traffic light regulations in force - that the protective measures are being tightened.

From Monday, September 14th, the following nationwide regulations will apply (again):

Mandatory wearing of MNS masks

for the entire trade in all customer areas in closed rooms
in service companies with customer contact
in party relations with authorities
in schools outside the class for teaching staff and students

The following upper limits apply to events:

Events with no assigned seats
Indoor: a maximum of 50 people
Outdoor: maximum 100 people
Large events with assigned seats
Indoor: maximum 1,500 people
Outdoor: maximum 3,000 people

The following applies to gastronomy:

MNS masks are mandatory for waitresses and waitresses
Food and drinks are only served indoors at the seat

Update 12-09-2020

Traffic light system
On September 4, 2020, the corona traffic light system of the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection went into operation.
More about this:

The measures planned for each traffic light color can be seen on the Corona traffic light homepage. Corresponding regional legal acts, which are then also legally binding, are to be passed in the near future. Until then, the existing nationwide health requirements, in particular the COVID Relaxation Regulation, will continue to apply.

The Corona traffic light is intended to enable an assessment of the regional epidemiological situation. For this purpose, a commission of experts analyzes in particular the spread risk (e.g. infection rates) and the systemic risk (e.g. utilization of the health care system) before one of the following traffic light colors is determined for each district:

Green (low risk: individual cases, isolated clusters),
Yellow (medium risk: moderate cases, primarily in clusters),
Orange (high risk: accumulation of cases that cannot be assigned to clusters),
Red (very high risk: uncontrolled outbreaks, widespread spread).

This classification should enable targeted regional prevention measures in the future. Depending on the respective epidemiological risk, the federal minister, the provincial governors and the district administrative authorities will also prescribe legally binding hygiene measures. These relate in particular to the following areas:

Minimum measures
Work and economy
Health and social sector

Please note that there is a risk of infection even at the green traffic light. In addition, existing nationwide health requirements continue to apply, even if additional regional measures are to be adopted. Accordingly, the COVID Relaxation Regulation in particular remains in force for the time being. Further information on the existing legal situation can be found in the Coronavirus FAQ.

Update 21-07-2020

Reintroduction of mouth and nose protection in certain areas:
Wearing mouth-nose protection will be mandatory from Friday, July 24th, in grocery stores, supermarkets, banks and post offices.

Protective measures when entering Austria:
Entry from risk areas only with negative PCR test: The test acceptance may take place a maximum of 72 hours before entry. In the future, it will no longer be possible to start the 14-day home quarantine instead of a PCR test when entering from risk areas;
PCR tests from risk areas only by certified laboratories;
Enhanced quarantine monitoring;
All border controls with health authorities;
Checking the introduction of a pre-travel clearance system (advance notice required): Personal data and travel data must be announced online in advance and the printed form with QR code must be presented at the border. In addition to the travel route, the means of transport used must be specified. Administrative violations may result in non-compliance.

Details on this shortly at

Update 27-06-2020

New easing measures from July 1st

The government announced further easing of corona measures starting July 1:

No mask requirement for employees in the catering trade.
There is no curfew for closed events for up to 100 people, from August 1 up to 200 people. Condition: The participants must be announced to the company three days in advance.
The catering trade may open again at 5 a.m. (instead of 6 a.m.).
Every indoor and outdoor sport is allowed again, including contact and team sports.
The exceptions for so-called Covid 19 risk groups will be extended until the end of July. The special protection applies above all to people with chronic underlying diseases.

From September, under certain conditions (e.g. seats), outdoor events with up to 10,000 and indoor events with up to 5,000 participants will be allowed - this affects the sports area as well as the culture. This means that visitors to stadiums and concerts are allowed again.

Update 16-06-2020

At the end of June 15. A new regulation on entry into Austria in connection with the containment of SARS-CoV-2 comes into force.

Persons who come to Austria from one of the following countries and have their place of residence or habitual residence in Austria or one of the following countries do not have to take a negative molecular biological test for SARS-CoV-2 or self-monitored 14-day home quarantine:
























San Marino




Czech Republic




The above-mentioned persons have to demonstrate that they have not been in any country other than Austria or the above-mentioned countries in the past 14 days.

There is still a partial travel warning for the Italian region of Lombardy. Warning of travel to Lombardy. There are no flight connections between Austria and Lombardy.

Update 08-06-2020

The 10m2 restriction, which regulates how many customers are allowed to stay in a business premises, was abolished on May 30th at 0:00 a.m.

Mouth-nose protection obligation (only very limited):

From June 15th, the Mouth Protection (MNS) obligation only applies:
for employees in the catering trade
on public transport
in pharmacies
for services where the distance of at least one meter between the service provider and the customer cannot be maintained (e.g. hairdresser, massage therapist, etc.), provided the risk of infection cannot be minimized by other suitable protective measures (e.g. plexiglass lens for pedicures)
In all other areas, the mouth-nose protection (MNS) obligation will no longer apply from June 15.
For large crowds, the recommendation to wear mouth and nose protection and personal responsibility applies.

The following applies to gastronomy:

The curfew for restaurants is raised to 1 a.m.
Maximum number of visitors per table (4-person rule) is lifted
Groups entering the restaurant can sit together at a table
Group reservations are possible

The following applies to events:

Events with up to 100 people (weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc.) are allowed.
As of July 1, 2020, events with assigned and marked seats are in
closed rooms with up to 250 people and in
Outdoor area allowed with up to 500 people.

Personal responsibility is very important

The responsibility demanded by the economy is very important. This is good news for the economy and another contribution to changing the mood in the country. And they ensure a better mood among consumers and thus provide fresh impetus for the Austrian economy.
For some areas - such as trade fairs and major events, night catering after 1:00 a.m. - there is still a lack of clarity. That is why the Chamber of Commerce is calling for more planning and fixed opening dates for these areas as well.

Border opening to all neighboring countries - except Italy

When you listen to it for the first time, it sounds like absolute freedom to travel - but, it's not quite like that. Because this freedom of travel, as in the days before Corona, only applies when you ENTER Austria! This means that when you enter Austria, you no longer need a health certificate and you no longer have to be in quarantine.
With one exception: when you drive home from Italy. The restrictions on Italy remain, and the next evaluation is scheduled for next week.

The most important things summarized:

Entry from CH, LIE, DE, CZ, SK, HU or SLO to Austria is possible for people who are resident in these countries or in AT, without any conditions (i.e. without a corona test and without quarantine).
Caution: Any entry restrictions in CH, LIE, DE, CZ, SK, HU or SLO must still be observed.

This means that, for example, Dutch or Poland (who are not resident in one of the above countries) must continue to comply with the Austrian entry requirements (i.e. submit a negative test).

Update 24-05-2020

Additional conditions reservations with arrival between 01-12-2020 and 01-05-2021

Reservation of our accommodations with arrival between 01-12-2020 and 01-05-2021 are subject to the current terms and conditions with the addition that the reservation can be canceled free of charge if the borders to Austria due to the Corona virus in the period reserved by the guest are closed and travel restrictions have been imposed.
The guest has the choice to shift the holiday period or to reclaim the amount already paid (down payment and / or residual payment).

Update 29-04-2020

The Austrian Federal Government announced on (06-04-2020) that it will gradually relax the measures from 14 April. Small shops up to 400 square meters and DIY and garden centers can open again under strict safety requirements. Wearing protective masks, regular disinfection and limiting the number of customers are basic requirements for this.
From May 1, all shops, shopping centers and hairdressers can open again, but also under strict security measures.

The gastronomy in Austria may run again from 15-05-2020. This under strict conditions:
- Opening hours until 23:00
- A maximum of 4 adults with children can sit at a table
- Staff in the gastronie wear mouth and nose coverings. The guest does not have to do this
- It is compulsory to reserve a table in a restaurant

Accommodations (Hotels and apartments) can open again from 29-05-2020.

Have you booked an accommodation through us and are you uncomfortable with the situation or do you have any questions? Give us a call!
In these uncertain times we think even more actively with you about suitable solutions. We can be reached at +43 (0) 664 8613547 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please read also our FAQ

When there are new developments, we will of course inform you of this.

Sunny greetings from the Zillertal,

Matthijs Oosterom

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